Sunday, January 17, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Markers

I taught Sunday School today. For the second week. This was something I had vowed I would never do again after my friend Stan Banker asked me (20 years ago) to teach a six week course on Quakerism at First Friends in New Castle, Indiana. That six weeks turned into six years! I didn't quit teaching; I retired. Ha.

In spite of my vow, I did sign up to teach some sessions on Sacred Compass at West Newton Friends where I've been attending. Last week we drew our LifeMaps and this week we did Call Charts (places where the call of God has broken through in our lives). We use big ole flip chart paper and colored markers.

I brought lots of markers -- thin, fat, scented, unscented, vibrant colors, muted pastels. Most people seemed to enjoy the exercise. I'd like to think that was because it had some spiritual significance, but even if it was just that they got to play with markers, well, that is fine by me.

I know I enjoyed the markers. The first one I picked up was a fat barreled scented marker. Licorice. Black licorice. Which I love. Ymmm. Then I used a thin pale blue marker, no scent at all. Just for fun, when no one was looking, I made a little dot on my hand... just to see what it would do.

It's still there, faint. The color that was so smooth and vibrant on the chart paper, is faded and .... hmmmm.... wrinkly textured on my hand.

Which made me think about the textures of my spiritual life. They are many. Some are smooth -- like the times when I felt in complete sync with God and the marker of my life moved easily across the paper. Others were rough, like trying to draw on a piece of sandpaper. The marker skipped and jumped and I really had to bear down to leave a mark.

I think that describes some of my most obstinate times.

At other times, the marker was fine, but the surface was slick. Beyond smooth -- it was glossy and did not seem to take the color. It would smear if even lightly touched. I think those were the times that I was a young know it all. I had all the spiritual answers and so really didn't need God's help in thinking things through. I had already thought them through, thank you very much.

What are some of the textures of your life? And how do they speak to you?

Now, after thinking about that licorice scented marker, I think I'll go get a piece of licorice!

-- Brent

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