Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 Dyas of Touch -- A Multitude of Feeling

So what has been the "touch" of the day? Well, fingers have touched keyboards, paper, skin, cloth, food, and so much more. The brisk winter wind has touched my face and reddened my cheeks. Lotion has touched my skin and eased the soreness beneath the redness. A ball cap has touched my bald head and covered its vulnerability from the cold.

Then there have been the emotional touches. The little joys that have come -- like a friend's reporting in that she had a good interview for a job I think will suit her. And the pricks that have come when I have felt I disappointed someone I care about.

And there have been the soul touches ... the times when, for a moment or a bit more, the Divine presence broke through. Like when the sun broke through the leaden clouds at a particular moment whilst driving home. No, I am not foolish enough to think that God planned that just for me ... but, but, but... what if the ways of God were so mysterious, so wise, and so caring that even in the midst of the human tragedies unwinding across the globe, there was just a bit of grace for me. Ah, dare I hope so. Or fear so... because if so for me, then why not for others in more desperate straits?

Ah, the vagaries of faith.

There are times, I wish, I did not feel. To not feel would mean to never hurt -- either by the prick of the lancet for blood testing or the prick of the heart when I know I have not lived up to my best self (and in so doing have hurt others as well). But to feel hurt ... to feel joyful ... to feel anything -- is that not part of being human? And to be fully human -- is that not what God has called us to be?

-- Brent

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