Wednesday, January 06, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Shape

I am not a morning person. I doubt that I ever will be. So, while getting ready for work in the morning, I often keep the bedroom lights dim. This has rarely led to any serious mishaps (except the time I wore 2 different shoes to work -- one penny loafer, one tassel loafer).

And, because I am diabetic and have a number of the health issues that go with that wonderful disease, I take medicine in the morning. Not nearly so many as in the picture. Just four pills. All different shapes. A small triangular pill for diabetes. A large "horse pill" (I call it) for diabetes. A small round pill for high blood pressure. And an oblong pill for high blood pressure. They are all different colors, but that doesn't matter so much early in the morning -- I rely on their shapes. And the shapes and sizes of the bottles they come in.

I pay attention to the shapes, of course, because this medical combination helps keep me alive and my health fairly stable. The shapes matter because they tactically show me that I am taking the right pills at the right time.

I thought about that this morning as I ran my fingers over the pills and carried them into the bathroom to get a glass of water. The shape of things that save my life. And I thought of the feel and shape of spiritual things that save my soul -- on a daily basis. The feel of leather and cloth and paper of my Bible and various prayer and devotional books that help guide my path. The cloth covering of the chair I sit in at Meeting on Sundays. The warm physical embrace of my friends. The smooth plastic of the computer keyboard where I do these musings that illuminate me more than they could possibly help anybody else (writing being a form of prayer, worship, and meditation for me). And the list goes on. I am looking forward to seeing what other "touches" feed my body and soul today. I know I am more attuned to that idea after fingering the life saving pills with their various shapes.

May you be "touched" today, too!

-- Brent


Beth said...

Lovely. The familiar shape of things that save our lives....a good meditation, friend. I am really enjoying this sense. Are you? Beth

Brent Bill said...

Yes, this has been a very good one! Good choice, Beth...