Thursday, January 07, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Snow

The forecasters are happy here in Indianapolis today. Their prediction of snow has proven to be accurate. Though the description of our white precipitation as "the first major snowfall of the season" on television smacks a bit of hyperbole. I mean... it looks to be about 2" so far with a bit more on the way. It certainly has caused major traffic headaches as Hoosiers have forgotten how to drive in the stuff. Some, especially those in 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs seem to think they are entered in the Indianapolis 500 as they blow by us lesser mortals in our our tiny cars. Often I have seen them later by the side of the road -- 4-wheel drive did not help them much when they had to slam on their brakes on an icy patch of roadway.

But mostly I've been enjoying watching the snow. And my brief time out in it. The gentle, soft touch of delicate snowflakes alighting on my coat, scarf, hat, eyelids, cheek. A brief caress and then -- is gone, a drop of dewy wetness left in its place.

As I thought about the touch of snow, I thought about one of my favorite Quaker quotes -- it's by English Friend William Littleboy. Littleboy said:

“God is above all the God of the normal. In the common facts and circumstances of life He draws near to us, quietly He teaches us in the routine of life’s trifles, gently, and unnoticed His guidance comes to us through the channels of ‘reason [and] judgment’… we have been taught by Him when we least suspected it; we have been guided … though the guiding hand rested upon us so lightly that we were unaware of its touch.”

Ah, I thought, as lightly as a snowflake. Easy to miss, but leavng a mark of grace upon us.
In that case .... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

-- Brent

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