Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Fire

If you average things out, I am warm. It's cold here in Indiana and that cold has seemed to seep into even a place as snug and warm as our Yankee Barn Home. So I am sitting by the fireplace. About as close as I can get. The geo-thermal is working hard to warm the place up, but is needing some assistance from the auxiliary heat. But the one-half of me facing away from the fireplace feels freezing. Cold drafts sneaking up my pants legs.

Gosh, I sound ... um... like my grandparents did when they were my age. I mean, they were old when they were my age (they were always ancient -- at least as I remember). And they would complain about drafts and sit wrapped in afghans and... OMG, that's me!!!

Being half cold and half hot made me think a bit about my life -- spiritual and otherwise. On the average, I'm okay. Sometimes I'm warm. Sometimes I'm cold. For the most part, I'm just right. And the older I get, just right (on average) is fine by me.

But for now... I am going to scoot a bit closer to the fire!

-- Brent

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