Friday, January 15, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Clean Sheets

I haven't touched them much yet, but I am anticipating the feel of freshly laundered bed linens on my old skin tonight. This morning when I left, Nancy was stripping the bed. Tonight I helped her remake it with sheets just out of the dryer.

Now I know it's no big deal. Making the bed is hardly a monumental event. But still, in a little more than an hour, I'll be ditching my khakis, warm sweater, and slippers and, book in hand, be sliding between those fresh smelling, crisp clean sheets. Ah! That will feel good. To be enveloped with cleanness, freshness, and a feeling of safety that comes with drifting off to sleep with a good book and in my own bed.

I don't think there's anything in Bible that equates the love of God climbing between clean sheets. But, despite that lack, that's sort of how I thought about God's love as I anticipate doing so in a little while. An enveloping love -- safe, clean, fresh, pure. No desire other than to put me at ease and help me feel loved. Hmmm, if the canon is not closed, perhaps I could contribute a Psalm ...

Psalm 151
A song before retiring by Brent

The LORD is my clean-sheeted bed,
in God do I rest. He lays me down in love
as in fresh linens; as they sooth my my skin
He soothes my soul.
And, yea, though I go into the blessed sleep in
darkness, His Light and Love go with me
and comfort me.
And though worries do daily afflict me and at night
if they could they would assail me, this night
remembering God's encompassing love, I shall fear
no evil. Instead, I shall rest in
the bed that has been prepared for me; the bed of
God's love.


-- Brent

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