Tuesday, January 05, 2010

30 Days of Touch -- Vibration

I've started carrying my phone with me all the time lately. This is new for me. In many ways, I saw cell phones similarly to my old boss Jack Finster. When "car phones" began to be popular in the early 90s, he had one. But it was never plugged in or turned on. I remember seeing it sitting on his dashboard. When I asked it about it, Jack said, "I got it for when I want to call someone. Not for when someone wants to call me." Ah, my sentiments exactly.

Back then.

But now I carry mine almost all the time. And leave it turned on. I have work stuff I want (notice I say want, not need) to take care of in a timely fashion. I have family and friends who have health issues that I need to be kept apprised of. Oh, the reasons are myriad at this point.

And, being the techno-savvy guy I am (as if!), my phone also tracks my calendar, my email, and "World Conquest Game" (not that I play that much! So un-Quakerly. Ha).

Most of the time, the phone is set to ring. My ringtone is mostly the theme song to Mr. Deity. No, I do not have delusions of grandeur -- I just like that series (tongue firmly in theological cheek and witty writing). But when I go into meetings or in the evening, I put the phone on "vibrate."

It was on vibrate most of today. I was in some very intense meetings and then I was -- because of the vagaries of Indiana weather and their introducing some electrical gremlin into the windshield wipers of my car (turning them on all the time!!!!) -- driving my pick-em-up truck today. Which, while compared to my old truck (the infamous "Chick Magnet"), is quiet is still... um... well... a truck. So the ringing needed to be accompanied by vibration because between the truck noise and Lyle Lovett's singing "She's Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To" (he and Emmylou Harris travelled with me today), I couldn't hear the ringtone.

So here's my admission. When the phone vibrates, it is almost impossible not to reach for it and see who is calling, texting, or sending me an email. I mean, my gosh, it MIGHT BE IMPORTANT.

And, of course, since the day was filled with important meetings and travel, it vibrated all the time! During the most important part of meetings or while in the thickest traffic jams (which in Indiana are often more like traffic soup. Not all that gelled.).

But it set me to thinkin' (a phrase appropriate to a guy driving a pick-em-up truck, doncha think. Even if said driver was attired in necktie, button down shirt, and camel hair topcoat -- it was WORK!), that what would it be like if every message from God came through with a ringtone (truly Mr. Deity) and vibration. Would I then pick up on more of them?

Because, if I am sure of one thing, it is this ... God is dropping me text, emails, and phone call (spiritually speaking) messages all the time and somehow I miss many of them. Oh, I'm better than I used to be. I notice, I think, the more obvious things. But still, it would really help to carry my Godphone with me set on vibrate. That way I would be sure to get the message.

Well, I'd get it, maybe. But would I heed it? That's another question altogether.

-- Brent

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