Monday, October 27, 2014

Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints: "A Better Way"

I have a started a project in conjunction with my "The Humble Stumble: Lessons on Simplicity, Stillness, Fashion and Faith from a Bad Quaker" book. It's on Spotify -- "Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints."

I'll add a "hymn" a day.

These are not "hymns" in the traditional sense. Rather they're songs that have spoken to my soul in a spiritual sense -- even if they are not "spiritual songs" per se. Though my bias is that that our hearts hunger for beauty and meaning and when artists create something that sings deep in our souls, well, they've created a "hymn," even if it was unintentional.

Suggestions of songs that have spoken deeply to you are welcome!

I'll also post lyrics and video (when available) here.

Today's hymn is Spencer Day – Better Way

Too many people seeking power and fame
Steppin on anyone that gets in the way
And I dont know how they want to play that game
But I wanna find a better way

Too many people livin on the street
Too many people taking more than they need
Dont wanna complain about society
I just wanna find a better way

(Coz) this is a time for an evolution
This is a time for a compromise
And I know it hurts to grow
But the status quo, oh

You know it always comes with a price
Im talkin bout change in the way we re livin
Im talkin bout more than the left to right
We gotta comprehend, it s not us or them
Its the human race tryin to survive

Too many people waging holy jihads
Too many killin in the name of a god
Too many people tryin to do his job
And we gotta find a better way

Too many soldiers marchin off to war
Too many nations tryin to settle a score
When every battle only leads to more
We gotta find a better way

Repeat Refrain

Ohhh, we re gonna find a better way
I know we re gonna find a better way
And I know you heard it before but Ill say it once more
Coz we re gonna find a better way

Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus

(We re going to find a better way)
(We re gonna find a better way)

Spencer Day's website is

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