Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints: "If Only Avenue"

I have a started a project in conjunction with my "The Humble Stumble: Lessons on Simplicity, Stillness, Fashion and Faith from a Bad Quaker" book. It's on Spotify -- "Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints."

I'll add a "hymn" a day.

These are not "hymns" in the traditional sense. Rather they're songs that have spoken to my soul in a spiritual sense -- even if they are not "spiritual songs" per se. Though my bias is that that our hearts hunger for beauty and meaning and when artists create something that sings deep in our souls, well, they've created a "hymn," even if it was unintentional.

Suggestions of songs that have spoken deeply to you are welcome!

I'll also post lyrics and video (when available) here.

Today's hymn is  Ron Sexsmith – If Only Avenue

With the luxury of hindsight
The past becomes so clear
As I look out on the twilight
My days have become years
It's strange, as people we're prone to dwell
On things that we can't undo
And we're liable to wander down
If Only Avenue

In the company of distance
We see where it all went wrong
And we know what we'd do different
Should the chance come along
But change is easier said than done
It's a difficult thing to do and soon
You'll be taking the next right on
If Only Avenue

If only
You hadn't used up all your excuses
Now there's nobody else to blame
And that's when they call your name

"It's down at the end of lonely street"
Neath a moon that keeps shining blue
And we live with our thoughts alone
If Only Avenue
Oh why have I wandered down
If Only Avenue

Ron Sexsmith's website is

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Liz Taylor said...

... and this is why I LOVE RON SEXSMITH
One of the Greatest Songwriters EVER!... and a Canadian National Treasure!!