Monday, September 21, 2009

Taste and See -- Days 6 & 7

The primary tastes of these two days were ham and cheese. Nancy is off in southern Indiana watching grandkids (watching them do what, I'm not quite sure) so I am a bachelor for the time being. She left the fridge stocked with various goodies for me -- including ham and cheese. So for Saturday lunch, I had a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. Then for supper I had ham and sharp cheddar cheese with crackers. Sunday's after-Meeting lunch consisted of a grilled ham and Swiss sandwich.

Imaginative, ain't I.

I did have a steak for supper -- as my sister Julie and her husband Dave stopped by on their way from Montrose, Colorado to our home town of Columbus, Ohio. Off we popped to the local pub -- and I had a filet. Medium rare. Very tasty. Yum...

Which reminded me that, while I like ham and cheese in its many varieties, variety is what adds zest to my meal times. The change of tastes.

Which is true for my spiritual life, as well. While I'm pretty comfortable as Quaker -- I enjoy and grow from the long, deep silences -- and could probably live on the spiritual diet for the rest of my life, I do enjoy the freshness that a change brings. Like my spiritual chats with my friend Beth who's more evangelical that I am. Or my friend Cat (via email) who's decidedly more liberal than I am. And the fresh tastes of reading Phyllis Tickle (an Episcopalian) and Frederick Buechner (Presbyterian) and Tony Jones (Emergent) and A.J. Jacobs (Jewish) and...

My spiritual body is energized by these "out of my ordinary" tastes.

Hmmm, I wonder what I'll have for lunch today. Doubt that it's ham and cheese -- I still have that at home.

-- Brent

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