Monday, September 14, 2009

Taste and See -- Day One

As my faithful reader knows, Beth Booram and I are getting reading to lead a workshop on "The Art of Faith: Awakening Your Senses to the Wonder of God." What you may know know is that (you'll be very surprised) is that as a pair of writers, we are considering turning it into a book.

As part of that idea, Beth and I are both doing 30 days of taste (as opposed to 40 days of purpose?) based on the idea "Taste and see that the Lord is good." (Psalm 34:8) We will each keep a journal of our tasting experiences and how they impact our spiritual lives. So, as part of that journey into the senses, I decided I will keep (most of) my journal on-line.

Today, as usual, the first taste I had was Quaker oats. Yes, predictable. I am a creature of habit. But, since I was trying to pay attention to taste -- which is difficult at that hour for a person who definitely is not a morning person and whose dog was barking at critters all night long -- when the first spoonful hit my palate, I tasted not only the creamy richness of milk covered oats, but also a reminder of my own faith tradition. I am a Quaker after all -- even if I don't look anything like the man on the oats box.

I thought about our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ as being intimately interwoven into such things as equality of all people, simplicity of life, peacefulness and resolved to live more closely and fully into them this day. And the coffee helped wake me up so I could actually be aware enough to do that.

Another taste I had during the day was water. I drink a lot of water. I'm not much into soda pop or iced tea (trying to get away from the caffeine). And the purity of the water I had (coming from a filtered source in our office's kitchenette), reminded me of the purity toward which I strive. Though I will never be as pure as the filtered H2O that passed over my palate, it reminded me of the purity of God's love for me and the hope that I have in Him.

One of the final tastes of this day was a glass of Shiraz-Cabernet blend. No, not Welches. It never fails to call to mind that Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine. I doubt that it was a blend, but who knows? All I know is the host of the wedding pronounced it "Good." As does Jesus when He looks over creation on its best days -- it is good. So I need to look for that good in all that I encounter.

This is going to be a month to savor.

-- Brent

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