Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taste and See -- Days 15 and 16

The taste that strikes me the most these past two days is ice cream. Rich, creamy ice cream. Well, actually, not so rich and creamy. Fat free. And no-sugar added, too. Not much like real ice cream after all. While eating it -- the diabetic's attempt at dessert -- I was reminded of a Young Friends gathering at our home in Muncie. It was shortly after I had been diagnosed as a diabetic and was still pining for the real stuff -- but had almost forgotten what it tasted like.

I was in charge of scooping the ice cream into cones and dishes -- good job for me, I guess, since I wouldn't be tempted to skimp on servings in order to hold back ice cream for myself. When the last of the kids and their leaders was served, I gathered up my scoops and headed back indoors. On the way, the one of the scoops started to drip, so I reached my tongue out to catch the drip before it hit the carpet. And was reawakened to just how good real ice cream tasted. It was sooooo gooood.

As I remembered that tonight, I began thinking of the almost real taste of the "ice cream" I eat. A pale imitation. And it set me to wondering how often I settled for a pale imitation in my spiritual life, too. A "lite" portion of God, thank you very much, will suit me just fine -- or will it? Not really. My soul hungers for a taste of the real -- but I get caught up in the business of life and settle for less.

Of course, bodily-speaking, real ice cream could do me in, sending my blood sugar into orbit. And, perhaps, real spirituality would do the same for soul -- but I think it's time to take that chance.

-- Brent

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