Friday, September 18, 2009

Taste and See -- Day Five

I met my friend Beth today for a late lunch to do final planning for our upcoming "Art of Faith" workshop. The menu had all sorts of tempting taste treats, but I went with a simple salad and and chicken salad sandwich. Tasty enough, but ... what made the tastes memorable was not how they felt on my tongue, but rather the company I was keeping. The fellowship I enjoyed.

Which is something we often forget about when we think about taste -- we can't take the sense in isolation. It, like all our senses, involves all of us. And so the taste of salad and chicken salad at Cornerstone reminds me of Beth and the plans we've made for the workshop we're co-leading.

It was a good reminder that, for all my sensory experiences, I do not live in a vacuum -- much of my "sensing" takes place in relationship to others. And that is a gift from God.


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