Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brent's Books On Kindle

I'm happy to announce that Mind the Light is now available on Kindle.  Mind the Light was first released in paperback in 2006. 

When it was released, Publishers Weekly said, "Those seeking a series of clever tips for cultivating spiritual growth overnight will not want to delve into this deceptively simple meditation on the Quaker custom of mindful seeing. A Friends minister and author of Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality, Bill describes his book as "a way of seeing our inner and outer lives with spiritual eyes and discovering the connectedness between inner and outer sight." Like a neighborly conversation across a kitchen table, this slender volume emphasizes the mundane details of daily life as they are enlightened by being attentive to the Spirit of God that Quakers believe dwells within each person."

While it's still available in limited quantities on-line and in bookstore, it has been declared out of print by the publisher.  So I've been able to make Mind the Light available, as originally printed, as a Kindle book -- for the low price of $2.99.

For those of you who like Kindle, a few other of my titles are also available there.

Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment was called by Richard J. Foster  "one of the finest books on discernment and divine guidance that I have seen in a very long time."

Also available is Awaken Your Senses: Exercises for Exploring the Wonder of God (with co-author Beth Booram).  Parker J. Palmer says, "With Awaken Your Senses, Brent Bill and Beth Booram have given us a superb resource for seeking the God of life through sensuous experience, a way of knowing that has been sadly neglected--and too often held suspect--by the church. How did a faith based on the claim that 'the Word became flesh' become so divorced from bodily, incarnate knowledge? Here is a beautiful book that will help us reclaim our bodies, our senses and our relationship with God."

Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality has also recently been released on Kindle.  Publishers Weekly said, "In this brief primer on Quakerism in general and silence in particular, the author uses a practical tone to anchor reflections on what is essentially a matter of mystery: how God speaks in and through individual and communal silence. A self-confessed "type A personality," Bill brings a buoyant but realistic tone to his subject. Interspersed with quotations from various Christian writers and pauses for "quietude queries," or reflective moments for relaxation and contemplation, the slim volume is a useful tool for readers seeking a guide to devotional practice."

Coming soon is a new edition of David B. Updegraff: Quaker Holiness Preacher.  So far this is the only modern biography of this radical Quaker preacher of the 19th century.  2013 will mark the 30th anniversary of the publication of this landmark work.  The new Kindle version will be an expansion of the 1983 edition and will include research I have done since that edition was originally published.

Enjoy -- happy reading!

-- Brent


C. Wess Daniels said...

Brent -- How about for Nook or Google Books for those of us who don't use Amazon?

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Bee said...

Thank you so much for posting this, and for choosing to release these books on Kindle! I found your blog as a result of the Google search "Quaker thought for the day", and while I knew that a nice neat little daily thought wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for, I hoped it would point me in the right direction. And it did - I just bought "Holy Silence" and read the first chapter, and it poured water onto my thirsty soul.

I have mentally squirmed in the pews of my church for years, as I've sensed my understanding of God shifting away from my conservative Baptist roots. But I wasn't sure what I was shifting TO, and I'm still not, if I'm honest. However, I had one of those strings of not-coincidences that seems to be leading me in the direction of the Quaker ways of thought, and it is getting too obvious to ignore. I am a classical pianist, and I rarely have much work in the summer, but in June I got a gig at a university I've never worked at, through a professor who had never actually heard me play. After one of our rehearsals at the university, I took a back road home just to see if it connected with my home city - it did. I drove past a small Friends church that I must have passed several times in the last few years, without seeing - this time I saw it. It wouldn't quite get out of my head, and the next Sunday (oddly enough) I found myself with no responsibilities of any kind at my usual church. So I followed the internal tug to the Friends meeting that morning, and I sat there in tears, drinking in the silence and everyday holiness.

Since then (since I am, after all, a good Baptist with all our traditional fervor for words and words and more words) I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about modern-day Quaker thought in all its forms. I read the first chapter of your book, and I am eagerly anticipating the rest of it.

Thank you again!

Brent Bill said...

Thanks, Bee, for your kind words about my books. I'm glad you're enjoying Holy Silence.

I'm glad, too, that you found a Friends meeting to worship in -- and happy it was such a good experience.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,