Saturday, April 07, 2012

"We Simply Have To Wait...": A Poem for Easter Saturday

Holy Saturday
By John Harrell

LET me tell you right now,
No one suffered more on Good Friday
And deserves a rest today
Than the King of the Jews-

And right now he's in hell.

He descended into hell
Where he is right now.
And right now he is being himself,
He's being his God-from-heaven-descended self,
And I'll bet you that it's a real blast in hell
With him there
And I'll bet he's in there
And having a ball.
He's redeeming hell
By his sky-high dream-drawn scheme
Of simply being himself
And accepting selves' selves
And offering himself to God-on-high for them.

In hell right now the King of all creation
Enters into the communion of communication
And becomes integral to the communion of communication,
And his share is infinite
As it always has been.
As it always must always be.
Think of his conversations before this day,
And think how he must be entering into one hell of a conversation now
Because even in hell there is hope.
He is in hell today
And that is sure sign of hope in itself.

Tomorrow he rises, and maybe hell may rise with him.
Maybe tomorrow, on Easter, hell will rise.
just as he rises tomorrow, all hell may let loose
And what a sound it will be-
Tiros will shoot off in dizzying spirals,
Invasion sirens will shrieking scream,
Grace, like atomic fissionable materials, will hail impartial particles
Over a supine populace under school desks, sinks and IBM computers.

And where will you be at the Resurrection,
When the temple veil on Wall Street is rent
And the safely embalmed souls in Forest Lawn rise
And earth, all 103 or more elements of it, rises
(At least as many elements of it as they can keep stable until the Apocalypse)?

This Holy Saturday we watch and wait.
What comes will surely be his surprise-
He's working on it right now-
And we must wait for it,
There is nothing else to do.
On Holy Saturday we realize, as at no other time,
We simply have to wait.
And then it happens!

From "Theology Today" Volume 19

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