Thursday, April 05, 2012

Scents-ing the Spirit: A Spiritual Exercise

We take a breath between 14,000 to 17,000 times each day. Every time we breathe in, we inhale the aromas of the world around us. Some of these smells are delightful. Some are less so. Regardless, these smells connect us to all of creation and to God, the creator of it all.

Take a few minutes and think of the place where you most often sense God’s presence. This may be where you worship on Sunday mornings. Or it may be a park where you go for walks, a corner of your living room, or some other place. Close your eyes and relax. Think back to the most recent time when you felt God close there.

· What did that place smell like then?

· What scents come to your mind?

· Are they scents of people?

· Of objects?

· Food?

· How do those scents contribute to your sense of Divine presence?

· Do they help connect you to God when you smell them out of context – places or times where/when you don’t expect to smell them?

Adapted from "Awaken Your Senses"

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