Monday, February 06, 2012

TASTE: The Sense of the Week!

“Have you ever thought about tasting God in what you put in your mouth? The idea that food can remind us of the different attributes, ways and stories of God is a novel thought for most of us. If we are open to letting God teach us the ways of faith through our bodies, though, then we can learn the ways of faith through our taste buds as well as our brain. The sweetness of a freshly baked cinnamon roll can remind us of the sweetness of God’s love in the same way that horseradish at Passover reminds Jews of the bitterness of slavery.” -- Awaken Your Senses, pg. 26 (adapted)

Today (Feb. 6) is the start of the “Awaken Your Senses Contest.” The contest is featured on:

· Awaken Your Senses Facebook Page

· Brent’s Blog

· Beth's Blog

Here’s how it works:

1. This week, you are invited to pay attention to your sense of TASTE and see how it introduces you to the wonder of God.

2. If something cool happens, post a description about that experience on the Awaken Your Senses FB Page or Beth or Brent’s blogs. (All entries must be submitted by Sunday at noon.)

3. Brent and Beth will choose a winner on Sunday evening and that person will receive a $25 gift card for a gift related to taste.

4. Brent and Beth will also do a drawing from the names of everyone who participated each week and the weekly winner of the random drawing will receive an autographed copy of Awaken Your Senses.

5. The winners will be announced on Awaken Your Senses Facebook Page and Brent and Beth’s blogs on each Monday when a new sense begins!

The Contest Schedule!

February 6 – Taste

February 13 – See

February 20 – Touch

February 27 – Hear

March 5 -- Smell

Tell your friends about the contest. Tweet, tumblr and blog about it. Spread the word. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences as you awaken your senses to the wonder of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your taste buds!

-- Brent

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Brent Bill said...

My first taste this morning was of oats. Quaker Oats, of course! And, since this the first day of the first week of our first "Awaken Your Senses" contest, I began to think about oats and my spiritual life. The first spoonful of oatmeal tasted not only of the creamy richness of milk-covered oats, but served as a flavorful reminder of my faith tradition. I though about how the Quakers intimately interweave our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ into our beliefs in the equality of all people, living simply and peacefully, and experiencing the immediate presence of God in the midst of daily life. With each bite, I resolved to live more closely and fully into those beliefs.

So what tastes remind you of your faith tradition or spiritual life?