Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Winner Is....Leah Sophia!

Leah, who blogs at, is our first week's "Awaken Your Senses" contest winner. She wins a $25 gift certificate from Harry & Davids.

In her winning post, Leah wrote "Our central Christian hermeneutic is God's incarnation, enfleshment, in a physical body formed from the substance of the ground. My particular Reformation tradition emphasizes the ongoing Divine presence and God's continued self-giving in the sacraments. But baptism and holy communion are far more than something we do in a ritualized way when we gather--they are lively signs to the world of our seeking and working for justice for all peoples and all the earth everywhere. Sacraments also signify the sacredness of all life as they form a microcosm of the promised time of the fullness of redemption for all creation. Real food is not manufactured in laboratory-like factories; real food comes from the earth and for celebrating sacramental ordinances we use flowing water, juice or wine from the fruit of the grapevine and (ideally recently homemade) bread baked from natural ingredients, so we need to be friends of the earth to continue celebrating sacraments."

Congrats, Leah!

And thanks to everyone who entered!

We'll announce the winner of this week's autographed books shortly along with the details of this week's contest! You may be this week's winner -- all you have to do is enter!


Holy Food said...

Awesome! We get so few opportunities for humor in our blogs. Thanks for finding the fun!
Holy Food

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