Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Soup: The Awaken Your Senses Contest: Continues!

My friend Jane and I lunch today at one of our favorite places. The menu has all sorts of tempting taste treats, but, since I was feeling especially chubby (as opposed to the regular chubby I usually feel) I went with a bowl of soup and a roll. It was tasty enough, but ... what made the tastes memorable was not how the soup tasted on my tongue, but rather the company I was keeping. The fellowship I enjoyed. The comfortable conversation with someone I've known since she was a teenager (and I was not!).

Which is something I often forget about when I think about taste -- I can't take the sense of taste in isolation. It, like all our senses, involves all of us. And so the taste of soup and bread at McNivens reminds me of Jane and the many years we've been friends.

It was a good reminder that, for all my sensory experiences, I do not live in a vacuum -- much of my "sensing" takes place in relationship to others. And that is a gift from God.


The“Awaken Your Senses Contest” is underway. The contest is featured on:

· Awaken Your Senses Facebook Page

· Brent’s Blog

· Beth's Blog

Here’s how it works:

1. This week, you are invited to pay attention to your sense of TASTE and see how it introduces you to the wonder of God.

2. If something cool happens, post a description about that experience on the Awaken Your Senses FB Page or Beth or Brent’s blogs. (All entries must be submitted by Sunday at noon.)

3. Brent and Beth will choose a winner on Sunday evening and that person will receive a $25 gift card for a gift related to taste.

4. Brent and Beth will also do a drawing from the names of everyone who participated each week and the weekly winner of the random drawing will receive an autographed copy of Awaken Your Senses.

5. The winners will be announced on Awaken Your Senses Facebook Page and Brent and Beth’s blogs on each Monday when a new sense begins!


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