Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lost Quaker Journals: #3 -- John Dillinger

From the archives of the Association of Bad Friends. all rights reserved.

July 22, 1934

Guess I’ll go catch a picture show tonight. I had this nagging feeling all morning that I should go back to Quaker Meeting. It’s a little embarrassing to think about after having been kicked out of Friends’ Sunday School in Mooresville, Indiana. So I went out across Chicago to try and find one. It was impossible! No signs anywhere to help identify what’s a Meetinghouse and what’s not. And not even a Yellow Pages ad. I’ll tell ya, a bank is easier to find on a Sunday than a Quaker church is. I did see a woman in red hanging ‘round the Biograph Theater. Maybe she’s one of those fast Friends I’ve heard of and can direct me to the nearest Meeting
. – The Diary of John Dillinger

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Annie Glen said...

My family and I love this! A bank is easier to find than a Quaker Meeting!