Monday, March 08, 2010

30 Days of Hearing -- Spring

I heard the sounds of spring today. No, not the ones that usually come to mind -- birdsong or lawnmowers or daffodils popping open (not that I've ever heard that!). Instead, as the sun was out and the temperature neared 60 I heard people saying things like:

"Spring must be coming."

"I love this warm weather."

"The snow is gone!"

Ah, the sounds of spring -- human voices rejoicing in the grip of winter being broken. Of course, being Hoosiers, we will soon be complaining about tornado season and then the heat and humidity, but for now the sounds issuing forth were those of rejoicing.

And, as I thought of those sounds, I was reminded of how little I lift my voice in rejoicing. I am quick to whine; slow to sing praises. Of God, or spring, or even the people with whom I spend my daily life.

While I am as grateful as anyone for the warmth of the March day I just enjoyed, I am most grateful for the voices reminding me to be ... um ... grateful. For all with which I have been blessed -- which is much.

So, even though the season's first thunderstorms might roll in later this week and take some of the bloom off this season, I am grateful for the sun, the warmth, and voices that celebrated them.

-- Brent

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