Wednesday, March 24, 2010

30 Days of Hearing -- The Sound of Music

No, not the movie musical, the real thing. The sound of music performed live. That was one of my experiences yesterday. My friend (and former student) Patricia Morrison and her friend Mary Shapiro passed through town last night while one their musical tour. They performed at the Earth House Collective for a small, but appreciative crowd.

From their opening with a cover of John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" (one of my personal all time favorites) to their closing with the audience joining in on refrains of "Love," "Forgive," and "Smile," it was a delightful evening.

I do admit to being easily caught up in the joy and energy that surrounds experiencing music live -- watching and hearing it be made. And, for an old folkie (not old fogey... though I am that, too, I suppose) to hear clean, clear melodies and harmonies accompanied solely by acoustic guitar, well that's an evening well spent.

As I listened to Patricia and Mary's music and reflected on it today, I was struck again by the wonder of creativity. Here came two creative women, sharing their faith and music through wonderfully crafted songs, with engaging tunes and thoughtful lyrics. And, true to the folk tradition, they got the audience involved in music-making, too -- singing, playing the zydeco tie or shaking a gourd, or clapping along. Above us, contra dancers shook the floor. The place was alive -- and literally jumping.

We hunger for beauty and meaning and creativity. And many of us, for whatever "good" reasons, put off much of our creativity as we age ... we put away the Play-doh, the kazoos, the story-telling that gave us so much joy and hope when we were young. That kept us entertained and engaged in life everlasting. I include myself in that "many of us."

I am, therefore, grateful for those among who do not do this. Who keep working with God in amazingly creative artistic ways ... be it music, visual arts, film-making, or just playing with Play-doh. They remind us the incredible creative activity of God and how we are invited to participate in it. And how it blesses and changes us to do us.

The sound of music -- performed live by two caring, loving women -- reminded me of that last night.

-- Brent
PS Be sure to catch Patricia and Mary if they're coming your way!

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