Thursday, October 01, 2009

Taste and See -- Days 17-18

Anticipation... that's been the taste the past few days. I know that's not a *real* taste, but still... Beth and I will be leading our first Art of Faith workshop on Saturday and I admit I have been thinking/dreaming/wondering all about how it's going to go. It's been an almost palpable taste.

Sort of like when we'd crank homemade ice cream in backyard. I couldn't taste it while it was being cranked ... except I sortof could. The tang of the salt, the clear water of the melting ice, the smell of the mixture in the canister all combined to create the sense of the taste that is to come.

And that's what I'm experiencing regarding Saturday's workshop -- tasting it as if it had turned out well. That all the ingredients had come together perfectly. Which, God willing, it will.

Which is part of the "whole deal" -- God's will. Beth and I are leading this event because we felt led to do so... that this was something that God wanted us to do. So that taste is also in my mouth -- an anticipated satisfaction for having tasted the Lord's will and found it good.

-- Brent

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