Saturday, October 24, 2009

See the Goodness of the Lord -- Day Five

Nancy's been washing windows. And, in this house, that a lot of windows. We designed our home, tucked back against the woods as it is, so that we could get as much light into it year around as possible. Of course, besides allowing light in, all the windows afford us magnificent views of every direction.

As part of the design, we chose windows with grids that make the windows look a little more barn-like (after all, we live in a Yankee Barn). Instead of vast sheets of glass, it now looks like we have hundreds of little panes. Which is a good look.

Except they also do something I really hadn't noticed until this morning. In our living room, we have a set of windows that stretches almost 2 1/2 stories. Nancy took some of the grids out while she washed those windows and the vista was amazing. It was as if nothing was in the way. I saw things out those windows in a whole new way. So much so that I even suggested we leave them out for a while.

As I thought about the grids and the view, I began wondering how much of my spiritual vistas are blocked by things I think I'm seeing through. Have I put up decorative grids that limit my view? Things that are pretty and add an element of symmetry (which I love) or aesthetics, but which I could do without and without which I might actually be able to spiritually see much clearer?

Nah, probably not. ;-) But just in case, maybe I'd better do some spiritual window cleaning -- and see what I have to take down to get my soul's glass clear.

-- Brent

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