Friday, June 01, 2007

Questions for God

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about the questions we plan on asking God when we cross over Jordan to that bright land where we'll never grow old (er). And while there were the fair share of big ones -- why war, why evil, etc -- the ones that have been buzzing around my mind have been the little ones. Part of that is, I am a sort of "creationist," but not in the usual sense as understood today. I'm not concerned about seven, twenty-four hours of creation or ten bazillion years of evolution. What I do believe is that God, in some ineffable way, called all this into being just like Genesis says. I don't care how much time it took or any of that other stuff -- mostly because I don't think I'd understand it if God patiently explained it to me. I can't get my head around quantum mechanics, let alone Divine mechanics.

So, since God will have to start small with me when we all get to Heaven, I'll start small with God. And here are the three things I'll start with...

What's up with mosquitoes? You made them, they must serve some purpose, but exactly what is it?

Likewise flies -- house and otherwise. Disease carrying pestilence. That's how they seem to me. And, like mosquitoes, the buzzing's really annoying. Some enlightenment please!

Then there's poison ivy. A truly noxious weed. I see lots of other noxious weeds that I can figure out some purpose for -- thistles, for example. The really hard to get rid six foot tall ones provide a roosting place for red wing blackbirds and seed that all the birds go wild for. But poison ivy vines -- inedible, nasty, blister and itch inducing. Is it the result somehow of original sin or did you come up with it, too?

Wanna add to my list? Write in...
-- Brent


Anonymous said...

My questions...

Why was I born on Christmas day?

It was a problem as a child with relatives bearing gifts that come in pairs. A pair of gloves, a pair of socks
with an explanation; "The right one is for your Birthday and the left one is for Christmas."

My Mother says, to this day, that it ruined her Christmas dinner.

Why am I left-handed?

It drove my Father nuts trying to teach me how to play baseball. He gave up and bought me
a left-handed glove.

In high school and college, the desks were all for right-handed people. No place to rest
my arm.

Why was I the middle child?

I'm a constant observer, completely neutral and have trouble understanding football.

QuakerDave said...

Ticks. And yellow jackets.

What was up with those?

Free Polazzo said...


You asked:
"What's up with mosquitoes? You made them, they must serve some purpose, but exactly what is it? "

My perspective is that mosquitoes are here to remind the human race that we are part of the food chain. Hubris is rampant in humanity (espeically the various Bibles that make God in our image) and so we have the mosquito to remind us that we are not so different from the rest of nature. It is ALL created in G-D's image.

My grandfather taught me that "Every curse is a blessing in disguise and our job in life is to find the blessings." This was a tough one but it only took me about 45 years to figure this one out! :)