Monday, June 25, 2007

A New Worship Group...

In a response to one of my posts on my other blog (, Martin Kelley notes the "recent phenomenon of small Christocentric worship groups coming out of the larger big city liberal meetings." As Midwestern Friends, some of us see the opposite need -- small theologically hospitable Christian worship groups coming out of fairly programmed, theologically conservative churches.

To that end, a few Friends in the central Indiana area are interested in exploring the idea of starting a new worship group. While it is still very much in the exploration/testing this leading stage, the idea is that it would meet twice a month (to begin with) and feature a sort of Quaker version of "blended worship" -- neither entirely programmed or unprogrammed. It would offer a chance for group singing, prayer, maybe a short planned meditation (10 minutes or less) by the day's clerk of worship, and then open worship.

If you live close to Indianapolis and would like to think with us and God about this, then you are invited to Nancy's and my place on July 8 at 6:30 p.m. for worship and discussion about this possibility. This is not about starting a new meeting or church or asking people to choose between this and their current meeting or church. This, too, would be like the groups Martin has observed -- "It's happened respectfully and ties, personal friendships and memberships continue."

For example, Nancy and I plan to continue to attend Plainfield Friends Meeting. What this is another opportunity for spiritual growth and vital worship with Friends. If you'd like to come, send me an email and I'll email you a map to our place. All are welcome -- Quaker or not!


Bill Samuel said...


Just want to encourage you. I'm not in your area and wouldn't be a part of what you're doing.

I do think folks need to find ways to get together with others in exploring how to help each other be faithful in contexts not too weighted down by institutional accretion. And I agree that this does not need to be competitive with participation in existing faith communities.

So I appreciate your initiative, and hope it bears fruit.

Bill Samuel

Brent Bill said...

Hi Bill -- it's good to hear from you and hope all is well with you.

I'm curious to see how all this develops ... whether it is a leading or not. I do hope we can put together a place for "gruntled" Friends rather than the disgruntled. God and time will tell.

Your friend,