Monday, August 05, 2013

Signs & Spiritual Discernment

Recently, at a presentation I was giving on my book Sacred Compass, someone asked if I believed God worked through "signs."  "Isn't that a bit Ouija-y boardish?" she asked.

I had to think a bit before answering.  After all, I had an entire chapter in the book on "signs."  After some thought, I replied something to effect that "Yes, I believe God does work through signs.  All kinds of them -- internal nudges, outward leadings, literal signs, and more."  I don't think it's Ouija-y boardish at all.

When I got home I remembered a picture of a sign I had taken.  I saw the sign while on a stroll around a little seaside town and snapped it.  As I did, I remembered Moses demanding to know God's name before he went to speak God's truth to Pharaoh's power.  "God said to Moses, “I am who I am.This is what you are to say ...‘I am has sent me...’” (Ex. 3:14)

The sign and the story spoke to my condition.  I hope I am on "I Am Street" -- going to God.

-- Brent

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Anonymous said...

I once saw a sign that said, Barry's Gym - the most powerful workout in town. At the time, I was wandering around London looking for Friends Center. Thinking of Barry C. I laughed and said how ironic would it be if Friends Center were next door. It must have been a sign from God, because Friends Center WAS next door. LOL