Friday, August 23, 2013

Questions on Prayer

Hi Blog Reading Friends --

As you may know, I'm at it again.  Writing another book.  This one is on prayer.  So I have two questions for you (if you'd like to play along):
1) What is your favorite/usual prayer -- either a written/formal one or one you pray seemingly all the time from your heart/soul (mine is usually "HELP!!!!")
2) What is a book on prayer that you've found helpful?

You can answer here ... or send me an email at
 Ready... set... GO!

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Johan Maurer said...

I wrote some blog posts that relate to your questions. The second post includes my favorite books on prayer. Right now I'm in correspondence with a Russian Orthodox rebel; we're exchanging experiences with the Jesus Prayer at the moment. That's still my constant prayer, as close as I get to praying without ceasing. But I pray it without any sense of doctrinal urgency.

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I've no illusions about being an exemplary pray-er. And my friend with ALS died.