Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Awaken Your Senses" Blogger Contest: Free Book AND Chocolate!

My new book, Awaken Your Senses: Exercises for Exploring the Wonder of God, (published by InterVarsity Press) is about to land in bookstores (and hopefully, book-buyer's shopping carts!).

Co-written with Beth Booram, its premise is that God has given us five senses and a brain with two sides, yet we often approach God in one way only: through words that are analyzed and processed logically in our left brain. The right brain, however, is the creative, intuitive center--the place that connects most to our seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing, and that roots experiences in our hearts in transforming ways.

In Awaken Your Senses, Beth and I invite readers to engage their right brain in their faith through sensory spiritual practices that position your heart for divine encounter. Readings and a variety of exercises that utilize the reader's whole body leads them to experience God in new ways by

  • tasting chocolate, words, matzoh, Scripture, forgiveness
  • seeing the moon, wisdom, art, glory, your best self
  • touching others, stones, prayers, rubble, Jesus
  • hearing silence, music, pain, footsteps, the Spirit, the news
  • smelling gardenias, life, salty air, home, healing oil, coffee
Our book has received some very fine endorsements --

"With Awaken Your Senses, Brent Bill and Beth Booram have given us a superb resource for seeking the God of life through sensuous experience, a way of knowing that has been sadly neglected--and too often held suspect--by the church. How did a faith based on the claim that 'the Word became flesh' become so divorced from bodily, incarnate knowledge? Here is a beautiful book that will help us reclaim our bodies, our senses and our relationship with God."

—Parker J. Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak

"Amazingly, we become dull to something as extraordinary as life, and bored by someone as awesome as God. This book woke me up without beating me up, and gave me tangible, practical ways to savor the sacrament of life, to have genuine gratitude for my body and its senses, and to sink into the glory of God until I felt nothing but joy. Read this and be blessed."

—James Bryan Smith, author of The Good and Beautiful God

To help get the word out about the message of our book, Beth and I are sponsoring a contest. It's an open call to any blogger to send us 5-10 questions about Awaken Your Senses. We will answer each one individually -- a sort of virtual interview. The virtual interview judged best* will win a signed copy of the book and a gourmet assortment of goodies from The Best Chocolate in Town (my favorite chocolate place!).

A picture of the book jacket, blurbs by others, photos of Beth and me, and video clips (like the one below) are available for the asking.

Questions for the virtual interview will be accepted through January 15th and the virtual interview must be posted by February 1 on the blogger's blog (is that redundant?). Entries will be judged by February 5th ("SuperBlog Sunday") and the winner announced to great acclaim on February 6th (the official book release date). Send interview questions (along w/ a link to your blog) to

Visit or for information about Beth or me.

Let the contest begin!

-- Brent

*as judged by my wife Nancy who rarely reads a blog (except mine to make sure I have not said anything to scurrilous) but knows good questions when she sees them.

Family of Brent Bill, employees of Brent Bill and, and Brent Bill's cat are ineligible to participate in the contest. Prohibited where void. Side effects include dizziness, neuralgia, and innuendo.


Anonymous said...

gee . . . not open to us meager non-blogers, huh? :-( maybe another time! :-(
STILL looking forward to reading! = blog & book! :-)

Pamela W said...

gee . . . not open to us meager non-blogers, huh? :-( maybe another time! :-(
STILL looking forward to reading! = blog & book! :-)

Brent Bill said...

Pamela -- we'll be hosting some other contests that non-bloggers can participate in. "Watch this space" as advertisers say....