Thursday, September 09, 2010

"They Call Him the Rapper" -- the Jaggerz, 1970

Yesterday I tweeted that Carrie Newcomer and I (along with some other folks) were going to be presenting at Earlham School of Religion's annual Ministry of Writing colloquium. It's a great event and I hope folks will take advantage of it. The chance to see and hear Carrie alone is worth the price of admission.

After posting on my facebook profile page that I promised not to sing, my friend Jeff Wolfe asked, "How about a little spoken word/rapping, Brent?"

Well, I had planned on doing a reading (in addition to leading my workshop), but in honor of Jeff's request, I am hereby unveiling (a little ahead of schedule) the Hip-Hop version of my book Holy Silence.

Yo, be quiet. Yo, yo, be quiet.
God is in da howse. Yahweh's in da howse.
He's in u soul. He's in u bonze.
Don't that just make u jonze, jonze, jonze?
Yo, be quiet...

Ah, thank u.

Rapmaster Johnnie B-Squared


CJ said...

Word. You are the bomb-diggity. When's the album going to drop?

Brent Bill said...

Ah, will only be available on qTunes (the Friends version of iTunes). Of course, all downloads come via US Postal Service and are on 45s...

Tom Smith said...

But I only have an 8 Track.