Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Indiana State Fair -- Photo Entry #2

Shaker Barn -- by J. Brent Bill
2010 Indiana State Fair Entry -- Photography
Nikon D80 Lens: Nikon DX AF-S 18-135 (70mm)
1/400 second; f 5.6;ISO 1600
Location: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill, KY
Tobacco barn in mid afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I really like the play between the greys, greens, and tan. B e a yootiful!

Doug Sloan said...

I appreciate the sense of depth, to look past the door and see the light within.

river song said...

Hi Brent, I especially love this one! How did you fare at the fair?

Brent Bill said...

The state fair starts Monday, so won't know how I did until sometime after that. I just hope to be exhibited!

river song said...

exactly so! Many times there seems to be little rhyme or reason, but in any case, just getting in gets onto your resume. This year at the county fair I got a 2nd place on one, which I think was justified because the printing quality wasn't the best and in doing the photo restoration/ enhancement I hadn't thought to compensate for the frequent difficulty of printing greens. My Earth Day stamps yielded only a 3rd (happy they got in at all), which mystifies me, since IMHO concept and execution (zap!) both were outstanding. However, I think they might have displayed better against 80% gray than the 50% art instructors always insisted is the only true neutral. Anyway, let us know!