Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sacred Compass -- Early Reviews

Early reviews of Sacred Compass: The Path of Spiritual Discernment (due for April 1 release) are coming in. Noel Paul Stookey (Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary) says, "The scope of an ordinary compass is limited to 360 degrees. In his new book, Brent Bill places our heart at the center of a SACRED COMPASS; creating, in 'plainspeak' a most welcome handbook for spiritually engaged decision-making."

Nancy and I will be hosting a book release party at Ploughshares Farm on April 13 from 3-6 for folks close by. It'll be a chance to buy books at a hefty discount and visit the prairie at Ploughshares -- now in its 3rd year and about to burst with wildflower blooms and tall grass. RSVP at Consider yourself invited.

-- Brent

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Anonymous said...


I'm glad Noel Paul Stookey had an encouraging comment for the upcoming book....I may be a thirty-something, but Peter, Paul, and Mary still Rock!

one of the classic folk groups I'd love to see before they stop doing their thing....