Friday, February 01, 2008

The Geography of Light

I'm excited. For one it's Friday and Nancy and I are about to be off spending some time with Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris and some other musical types in warm, sunny places. For another, Carrie Newcomer's got a great new CD coming out.

"The Geography of Light" officially releases on February 12, but you can preview the album now on I've been listening to a pre-release version since Carrie gave it to me last November and I think it's her strongest effort yet. Sensitive, soulful lyrics coupled with strong melodies are one draw. The great production values are another. And then there's Carrie's voice -- strong and forceful one phrase, whispering and winsome the next. It's really amazing stuff. My favorites are "Two Toasts" (co-written with Parker Palmer), the haunting "Lazarus" (Since he called my name/Nothing's the same), and "Leaves Don't Drop, They Just Let Go." Every song on the CD (including the quirky, fund "Don't Push Send" -- about the perils of email) is a jewel -- carefully crafted and lovingly presented.

(watch closely and you'll seee me in the video)

Carrie's out touring now in support of the CD. You won't want to miss her if she comes to a town near you. If you happen to see her, tell her that her old, Quaker bowlin' cousin says, "Hey!"
-- Brent


Robin M. said...

I heard one of her new tracks on the radio a week ago! And she's coming to the Bay Area at the end of March. I don't have the babysitter lined up yet, but we're planning to go.

Brent Bill said...

Great. I'm sure you'll have a super time. Tell here "Hey" for me (that's the standard Indiana greeting).

kerry dexter said...

my favorites are There Is a Tree, Geodes, and Map of Shadows. You're right, this is her strongest work yet, and that's saying something.

Brent Bill said...

You're right, Kerry. All her work is strong. Nancy and I just came back from a singer/songwriter cruise (w/ Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin) and we both kept saying that Carrie belonged on it -- strong lyrics, great voice, super melodies. And this album is great.