Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints: "Me And God"

I have stumbled a bit on my "hymnal" project in conjunction with my "Life Lessons from a Bad Quaker" book. This suggestion comes from Lauren Miller. She suggested "Me and God" by the Avett Brothers.  It's a perfect addition to this "hymnal."

These are not "hymns" in the traditional sense. Rather they're songs that have spoken to my soul in a spiritual sense -- even if they are not "spiritual songs" per se. Though my bias is that that our hearts hunger for beauty and meaning and when artists create something that sings deep in our souls, well, they've created a "hymn," even if it was unintentional.

You can listen to the who list on Spotify -- "Humble Stumble: Hymns for Imperfect Saints."

Suggestions of songs that have spoken deeply to you are welcome!

I'll also post lyrics and video (when available) here.

"Me And God"

Well I know a preacher he's a real good man
He speaks from The Good Book and his hand
And helps all people when he can
But me and God don't need a middle man

Well I found God in a soft woman's hair
A long days work and a good sittin' chair
The ups and downs of the treble clef lines
And five miles ago on an interstate sign
My God, my God and I don't need a middle man
My God, my God and I don't need a middle man

Now I don't doubt that The Good Book is true
What's right for me may not be right for you
To church on Sunday I'll stand beside
All the hurtin' people with the fear in their eyes
And I thank the Lord for the country land
Just like Paul I thank him for my hands
And I don't know if my soul is safe
Sometimes I use curse words when I pray

My God, my God and I don't need a middle man
My God, my God and I don't need a middle man
My God, my God and I don't need a middle man
My God, my God and I don't need a middle man

Writer(s): Robert William Crawford, Scott Yancey Avett, Timothy Seth Avett 

The Avett Brother's website is


Jon Dunning said...

Kia ora from New Zealand, Brent.

I have just finished reading your chapter, To Buy Or Not To Buy, found the farm on Facebook and ended up reading your blog. We, too, live on a smallholding that we felt called to and named Hillside. Upon moving here, a God-nudge let me know that if we wished to stay, we were to steward the land well, hold it and the house with open hands and share it with others. To that end, we keep a few cows, sheep and chickens and run a tiny B&B to welcome others to share Hillside with us.

I would like to offer a suggestion for your Hymns for Imperfect Saints hymnal: 'Better than a Hallelujah' by Chapin Hartford / Sarah Hart, performed by Amy Grant -

Grace and peace to you and yours

Buzz - a fellow stumbler looking for the Light in all.

Brent Bill said...

Hi Jon/Buzz -- it's good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing the story of Hillside. How wonderful the similarities between our stories. We have no livestock -- but lots of deer, bunnies, butterflies, wild turkey and more.

I'll check out out the song you suggest when I return from New England Yearly Meeting annual sessions and add it to the "hymnal." The "hymnal" was recently featured on Northern Spirit Radio -- you can find it at

All blessings,
Your ("bad") friend,