Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's Launch Week. You Can Help!! And Win a Prize!!!

It's the "official" launch week of "Finding God in the Verbs" -- you can help by:

1) posting a review on Amazon (or Barnes & Noble or Powells). The more reviews that a book has, the more money Amazon et al spend on promoting it. Please, if you're able, post even a short, one-line review, as soon as you can.

2) attend the online launch party Friday. To join the party, just go to one of the party sites below and order a copy or five of Finding God in the Verbs. Then, come to the "Finding God in the Verbs" Facebook page and post that you joined the party and where. If you're not on Facebook, just reply to this blog post with that information.

Every hour, one lucky party-goer will be selected at random via telepathy, casting of lots, or some other mysterious mean to receive, as a thank you, a copy of Brent's Mind the Light: Learning to See with Spiritual Eyes.

Party site 1 -- InterVarsity Press
Party site 2 -- QuakerBooks
Party site 2 -- Amazon
Party site 3 -- Barnes and Noble
Party site 4 -- Powells City of Books 

Or -- even better -- bop down to your local independent book store and get your copy there. Then post the name of the bookstore on our page and give 'em some free publicity!

3) spread the word. Tell your Facebook friends about the book and invite them to visit http://tiny.cc/nc89ux

Your support is really appreciated!

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