Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cinema' ala Brent: T-Shirt History

Ah, well it was finally time to bid adieu to most of the logoed t-shirts, sweatshirts and golf shirts I've had or designed or both over the years.  Some had already departed to various friends (the Friendly writer Haven Kimmell (A Girl Named Zippy) for example got all my "Quaker Haven" t-shirts).  But I found more than fifty stashed in the back of my closet and in a drawer, so decided to say good-bye.
It was a bittersweet parting -- shirts from softball teams I'd played on and coached, T's from friends and Friends, sweatshirts and football jerseys I'd designed and worn during my youth group leader days, and one from the "Quaker Cousins Cultural Tour" (aka "Quakerpalooza" with Carrie Newcomer, Scott Russell SandersPhil Gulley and me) that said "Shhhh.  I'm with the band." And there's the infamous "First Quakerterian" softball team shirt from the combined First Friends and First Presbyterian churches' team in New Castle, Indiana circa 1990.  It features George Fox carrying a "Pendle Hill Slugger" bat and, instead of seeing a "great people to be gathered," he's looking toward left field where he intends to clear the homerun fence.  It's one of the designs I'm proudest of (with apologies to the artist who created the iconic picture of Fox atop Pendle Hill).  BTW, the team motto that year was "It Just Doesn't Matter" -- and we won the league.
At any rate, I decided to photo all these shirts so I could remember them in my dotage.  And then, for your viewing pleasure, I turned them into a little movie.

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