Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"...when they say it the silence is not broken..."

In Texas there's so much space words have a way

Of getting lost in the silence before they're spoken
So people hang on a long time to what they have to say;
And when they say it the silence is not broken,
But it absorbs the words and slowly gives them
Over to miles of white-gold plains and gray-green hills,
And they are part of that silence that outlives them.

excerpted from "In Texas" by May Sarton


Anonymous said...

I want to say AWESOME, but it may break the silence. :-). Then I realized that silence can't be broken. It is the vacant space between. Between the dog barks, between the bird chirps. Between the electrons, it is there, we just have to relax into it.

Brent Bill said...

Thanks! But I'd say it's the "fullest space" as opposed to "vacant space" -- what appears empty is actually laden with possibility and the Divine.

Brent Bill said...

But you are right -- we do need to relax into it...