Monday, June 07, 2010

30 Days of Smelling -- an Invitation

Many of you know that I am in the process of writing my next book, Awakening Your Senses: Exercises for Exploring the Wonder of God (InterVarsity Press/2011), along with co-author, Beth Booram. Beginning last fall, Beth and I initiated a series of 30 day experiments focusing on each of the senses. We are on our fifth and final one--30 Days of Smell--and would love for you to join us as we begin this olfactory journey. The purpose is to hone our sense of smell and let it teach us to notice the fragrance of God in our world.

Beth and I invite you on one last adventure beginning today Monday, June 7th. Join us, please, in "scent"-sing God around us.

Here's how you can participate:
  • Put a note in your calendar for the next 30 days that reminds you to pay attention to what you smell.
  • Each day, notice fragrances, whether pleasant or repugnant, and ask God to speak to you through them.
  • Keep a journal of your experiences and what you learn.
  • Follow my blog, Beth's blog ( or join us on our Facebook and share your own stories. I
We look forward to hearing what you smell!

-- Brent

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