Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quaker Wisdom for Today

"The saint is ... a man or woman who become clear as to exactly what he wants of all there is in the world, and whom a love at the heart of things has so satisfied that he gaily reduces his cargo to make for that port. 'Oh God, my Lord, do as thou wilt; I will be still.' He is one who is doing what he wants wants to do ... what lies beneath the minutes and the days and the years he would want to do if all of them should vanish and leave him forever at it. He is responding back to the love of God in whatever setting he may be placed. He is a radical in the true sense of that word, for he has gone to the root of things and found the root good. He is holy in the sense of the totality of his abandonment to that Loving One."

-- Douglas V. Steere

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