Saturday, May 17, 2008

And the Winner is...

Faithful reader (whoever you are) will remember that a few weeks ago I instituted a blog contest. I did it to help get the word out about my new book, Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment. I offered to answer 5-10 questions sent in by bloggers for a virtual interview. My good wife Nancy was to be the judge. The winner would win a signed copy of the book and a gourmet assortment of goodies from The Best Chocolate in Town (my favorite chocolate place!). Family of Brent Bill, employees of Brent Bill, Brent Bill's cats and dog were ineligible to participate in the contest (though Princess, the nicest, dumbest Great Pyrenees who ever lived tried to). The contest was prohibited where void. Side effects include dizziness, neuralgia, and innuendo.

Blogging their way into the contest were C. Wess Daniels at Gathering in Light, Liz Wine at Lovin' Life Liz, Shawna Roberts at Mystics, Poets, Fools, Robin Mohr at What Canst Thou Say, and Liz Op at the Good Raised Up. I hope you'll check them out -- and buy and/or read the book.

And now ... drum roll, please ... the winner -- Liz Wine of Lovin' Life Liz. I pressed Nancy for the reason and she just said, "I liked it best" and then went out to plant herbs.

So, congratulations, Liz -- a book and chocolates are on their way to you.

Thanks to all the bloggers -- and readers!

-- Brent


wess said...

Congrats Liz! Nice job and great interview.

Robin M. said...

This weekend, I took my hard-won copy of Sacred Compass to our Meeting's annual retreat and laid it out on the table for others to look at.

One Friend gobbled it up and said it was just what she needed at this moment of transition in her life. She read the whole thing over the weekend. So beaucoup thanks from her.

Another Friend commented on the beautiful cover: the binding, the photo, the quality of the paper, but most especially the typeface. Trajan, I think he said. As a calligrapher, he is somewhat of an expert in these matters, and he called it the most elegant typeface you'll find anywhere and explained some of the history of it to us. He liked the little bit he read inside, but he was quite effusive about the cover.

I said I would pass along the compliments.

Brent Bill said...

I'm glad that folks are finding the book helpful -- and attractive. I can take some (small) credit for the helpful part, perhaps, but the attractive is all due to the fine folks at Paraclete Press who worked so hard to present the material well. As one Friend told me -- the words lay well on the page.

Thanks for sharing~and give my greetings to the good folks at San Fran Meeting.