Thursday, January 03, 2008

Up, Up, and Away -- a Movie Recommendation

Did you ever just want to float away -- off into the wild blue wherever and just forget about life and it's troubles? Sure you have. And in "Danny Deckchair," the quirky Australian film, Danny Morgan does just that.

Danny's a cement worker whose aspiring, conniving live-in girlfriend Trudy has taken up a a sportscaster who "will amount to something." Which Trudy maintains Danny never will. So, in the midst of a "barbie" Danny begins tying helium filled balloons to his lawn ("deck") chair. When the local football team, um er, soccer team, scores and his buddies lose their grip on the chair, then Danny is off to see the Wizard -- he's definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Whilst not the greatest film in the world, it was a light, silly, delightful reminder of the things that matter in life -- honesty, being true to oneself and one's friends, and community. It also, because of it's being set in Australia, reminded me of how all of this world's people value those things -- no matter where we live or whether we sit in lawn chairs or deck chairs. G'day, mate.

-- Brent

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