Monday, October 22, 2007

Quaker Thought for the Day

English Friend William Littleboy wrote:

God is above all the God of the normal. In the common facts and circumstances of life, He draws near to us, quietly. He teaches us in the routine of life’s trifles, gently, and unnoticed His guidance comes to us through the channels of ‘reason [and] judgment’… we have been taught by Him when we least suspected it; we have been guided … though the guiding hand rested upon us so lightly that we were unaware of its touch.

This guiding hand resting lightly upon us is best felt when we are silent and still.


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Anonymous said...

I love that quote.
Reminds me of a line from Beth Allen's 2007 Swarthmore lecture
" A solid diet of the ordinary is a great help if we have to cope with the unusual -and sometimes a good corrective to it"
Liz C