Monday, March 26, 2007

The Art of Living

Living is an art. It calls for imagination and spirit. One thing that shows it’s an art, not a science, or even a craft, is that there is no one way, no set formula to follow. Living into “as way opens” is understanding that the “way” that opens is unique to each person. God uses our life experiences to open the way, a way that we can perceive as we move through life, if we believe that our lives are more than our own and that we are moving through life with a holy purpose and safe in a Divine promise.

Yes, we may be flawed and confused. In that case we have good company in the Bible – David and his lusty heart, Noah and his getting falling down drunk after docking the ark, and others. But these were all folks chosen to do God’s work. God’s funny that way – choosing the goofiest of those among us to accomplish His purposes. In doing God’s work in spite of their shortcomings, these people stand as symbols of the holiness to which each of us is called. They encourage us to see that way opens to follow God in life’s messiness, including our self-made messiness.

Learning to see the ways of our life opening means that we need to be authentic people who live life as fully human, not as perfectly pious professional religious persons. What will then make our faith genuine for ourselves and others is that we are aware of the circumstances through which we have passed. We, and they, see our flaws and frailties, and still know that we are people who hunger after, and are loved by, God.


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Anonymous said...

About Noah falling down drunk. It does not mean he drank alcohol. Before entering the Inner Light a state similiar to being drunk, such as dizzyness, will occur.